Creating homes that people can dub a kingdom of style and comfort is what GAD does best. GAD has been embarking upon building and property development since 1982 and has so far garnered an impressive portfolio of 15 residential projects.

Headed by a group of veteran entrepreneurs, GAD has cemented its reputation as a leading owner, developer and manager of commercial and residential real estate.

The philosophy steering GAD’s success throughout the years is simple: building comfortable homes endowed with avant-garde designs and meticulous finishing. Through this philosophy, GAD has established a board base of clients who have come to entrust GAD with their future homes.

A glance at GAD’s portfolio shows that quality is the cornerstone of any project. From design to development, quality is evident at every level, whether in the high-end materials used for the architectural expertise.

During its 25+ years in the business, GAD was adamant to evolve with time and remain atop the latest innovations and techniques in the construction field. The goal is to serve a clientele that is yearning for homes with a contemporary appeal.