Azalea 4888 | Monteverde
Located in a private area, Azalea 4888 is a three-story luxurious building with an incredible modern appeal and panoramic views to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle
Azalea 90 | Ain Saadé
In Ain Najem, a traditional, serene village witnessing remarkable growth, primarily in real estate, lies Azalea 90, a private complex of five luxurious buildings and one villa.
Azalea 92 | Mansourieh
Contemporary with nature at every turn and earthy look and feel best characterizes Azalea 92. Lying on a high-up hotspot in Mansourieh, Azalea 92 will allow homeowners to enjoy cozy comfort.
Azalea 173 | Dachounieh
Nestled in a calm, private neighborhood in Daychounieh, Azalea 173 occupy a prime site, a stunning location offering panoramic views to unwind and enjoy the serene atmosphere
Azalea 1954 | Ain Saadé
A four-floor residential building with an eye-catching presence, Azalea 1954 was conceptualized to blend comfort and convenience in every aspect.
Azalea 94 | Mansourieh
Available in a range of sizes from 135 sq.m to 250 sq.m All apartments include three bedrooms, a maid’s room and a recreational room in addition to the traditional living room and dining room.