Azalea 94 | Mansourieh
Minimalism in both its design and its integration with the surrounding environment best characterizes Azalea 94. Located on a high-up hotspot in Mansourieh facing Bellevue Medical Center, Azalea 94 is a residential complex that offers panoramic views of the surroundings from a calm distance: The Beirut River, the Mar Takla neighborhood of Hazmieh, Beirut and the endless sea. It is conveniently located only a five minutes’ drive from Mkalles’ roundabout and a two minutes’ drive from Mar Takla and Hazmieh. Designed by ANGLESDIFFERING, this project will be developed by Ghosn Architects and Developers of a set of four buildings executed in the past four years. The new extension consists of four buildings with a total of 32 apartments. Available in a range of sizes from 135 sq.m to 250 sq.m, the apartments are nevertheless designed to include as many amenities as larger apartments, including three bedrooms, a maid’s room and a recreational room in addition to the traditional living room and dining room. It also includes two covered parking spots per apartment. Azalea 94 is certainly a unique structure where residents can indulge in a minimalist way of living in peaceful surroundings.
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