Azalea 92 | Mansourieh
Contemporary with nature at every turn and earthy look and feel best characterizes Azalea 92. Lying on a high-up hotspot in Mansourieh facing Bellevue Medical Center, Azalea 92 will allow homeowners to enjoy modern style and cozy comfort while offering panoramic views of the surroundings from a calm distance. Encompassing four independent buildings, Azalea 92 has been designed with an interesting outer facade to make a lasting impression from every angle. It features wood, natural stones, and maplexine, thereby bringing the design into a modern and stylish era. Available in a range of sizes from 165 sq.m. to 270 sq.m. over 4 floors, the apartments are complemented with gardens for a unique alfresco experience befitting of a rural retreat. The interiors are warm and welcoming with a crisp, contemporary flair, presenting an artful marriage with the modern geometric, aesthetic exterior. Expansive glazing adds up to the apartments’ distinct style while flooding the indoors with natural daylight. Azalea 91 apartments boast a myriad of amenities including two parking sports per apartment, a cave, 4000L water tanks, and mechanical room, including boiler and guard room. Azalea 92 is certainly a stand-out structure where residents can indulge in a minimalist way of living with a sweet simplicity in peaceful surroundings.
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