Azalea 90 | Ain Saadé
In Ain Najem, a traditional, serene village witnessing remarkable growth, primarily in real estate, lies Azalea 90, a private complex of five luxurious buildings and one villa. It lies 6km away from Mkalles roundabout and 6km away from Brummana, thereby making it the ideal location to enjoy picturesque sea and mountain views while being close to city life. With its proximity to many education systems, beautiful parks, shopping centers, banks, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants, this complex has a lot to offer. The concept behind Azalea 90 is simple; a due respect to traditional dwelling customs evident in the organization and style. It’s a rhythmic structure that is in tune with the pattern of the neighborhood where low rise buildings arranged in blocks and series evoke a village. Unique in their own right, the five modern buildings house high-quality apartments that exude both comfort and sophistication. They are spread over four floors with sizes ranging from 195 sq.m. to 330 sq.m. to cater to residents’ needs and lifestyles. Whether in the interiors or surroundings, each of these apartments offers modern-day facilities to flatter a wide range of tastes. Two underground parking lots per apartment, caves, 4000 L. water tanks, and a mechanical room, including boiler and guard room, make living in this complex a real bliss. In addition, gardens surrounding the complex make you feel right in the heart of nature. At the corners, a double structure skin protects the mass with greenery inside. The urban facet is extended to the entire site and is reflected in a façade made of aluminum, wood, natural stones, and maplexine. The parking wall consists of piled natural rocks that are spaced to let the light in. In short, Azalea 90 is a haven with its quiet location, neat structure, and comfort offerings.
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