Azalea 173 | Dachounieh
Nestled in a calm, private neighborhood in Daychounieh, Azalea 173 occupy a prime site, a stunning location offering panoramic views to unwind and enjoy the serene atmosphere. With their proximity to banks, schools, universities, gyms, and hospitals, Azalea 173 provide a balanced approach to nature and city life. At first glance, these two buildings seem like a long, almost mono-oriented structure. But upon a closer look, it is easy to discern that all functional areas are concentrated in a single side, which is a long remarkable fa├žade. With its blend of high quality glass, natural stones, and maplexine, the facade is rich and inspiring in both design and creativity. The construction of these two buildings is very intricate, taking into consideration both style and practicality. They house 180sq.m. and 215sq.m. apartments with gardens spread over 4 floors using the inspiration of light and nature to create airy, open spaces filled with sunlight. Functional areas are designed similarly in each of the apartments per floor to give this building a unique identity. The intimate areas are massive spaces with some openings to allow the light in. On the other hand, the most public areas, namely reception, living room, and dining room, are totally exposed to the view via glazed bays. They are protected by light wooden stripes that grant both shading to the interior and a sleek animation to the exterior. Residents can benefit from two floor services, including two underground parking spots per apartment, caves, 3000L water tanks, and a mechanical room including a boiler and guard room. Azalea 173 represent highly efficient contemporary forms that elegantly harmonize with this unique site.
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